Close Protection of VIPs and security of ‘Sunny Hill Festival’

BESA SECURITY once again proves itself for the close protection of the greatest VIP personalities visiting Kosovo!

BS is proud of the citizens of Kosovo who showed the world an exemplary culture during the festival, and we are also grateful for their understanding of the instructions given by our security staff and the staff that created the overall security for all participants, in the biggest and most charming festival of the region.

We are proud to support since the beginning the Sunny Hill Foundation, which serves for the betterment of art and culture in our country. Thank you for your friendship!

We are proud to support the Sunny Hill Festival since its foundation! Thank you for your trust!

BS feels proud and privileged that together with Kosovo’s credible institutions: Kosovo Police, First Aid, and Firefighters, kept the order and security of thousands of people for 72 hours! Thank you for your service!

All of you have our BESA!