The mision of BESA SECURITY is to offer all security services in a highly professional and qualitative manner, whilst meeting the requirements of our clients and adding comfort to their homes, small businesses, large businesses, corporations and institutions or governmental and non-governmental organizations, always in accordance with the applicable Laws in Kosovo and International Practices.


The vision of Besa Security is maintaining its market position in Kosovo as a leader for security services and continuous expansion in Albania and in the region, as the most advanced company in the field of security with the latest technological systems!

Our Story

Besa Security (part of Besa Group: Besa Cola, Marimanga, K&A Construction, EuroBuilding Bulgaria, Besa Pharm) established in 2003, is the first national company in Kosovo that has offered the service of electronic surveillance through the Burglar Alarm System and Patrol Intervention. Today, Besa Security offers Security Guard Services, Cash-in-Transit Services (CIT), CCTV Camera Services with Surveillance, Security of Events and Public Gatherings, Close Protection Services (VIP), ATM Maintenance (Refilling of ATM Cash-In/Cash-Out), Counting and Sorting of Cash Banknotes, and services of installation and maintenance of professional security equipment. As a connection point for all these services, we have our Monitoring Control Center which operates 24/7. 

Besa Security is spread all over Kosovo with about 1000 employees, and owns 55% of the market share, within many security companies that operate in Kosovo. 

Since 2012, Besa Security is established also in Albania/Tirana, and is going forward with successful steps.

Since November 2011, Besa Security is certified with international standards of management from Bureau Veritas – Paris, and recertified in 2017 conform ISO Standard 9001:2015, which guarantees high standards of quality control.

Since October 2019, Besa Security is certified with international standards of management from TUV Nord Cert GmbH – Essen, conform ISO Standard 45001:2018, which guarantees high standards of management system of health protection and security in work.

As a proof that we obey the rule of law, Besa Security is awarded as the Best Tax Payer for two years in a row, from the Economic Chamber of Kosovo and American Chamber or Commerce, in cooperation with Kosovo Customs and Tax Administration.

In 2019, Economic Chamber of Kosovo in cooperation with Tax Administration, has awarded Besa Security with the price The Best of Kosovo 2019, as the Biggest Employer of 2019, based on the number of employees and the offered working conditions.

Besa Security as the Number One security company, has won all awards SUPERBRANDS – Kosovo’s Choice 2014/2015 up to 2019/2020, from the Superbrands Council, based on Market Dominance, Longevity, Reputation, Customer Loyalty, and Overall Market Acceptance.

Marvelous staff of Besa Security

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